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*Contact the mayor, your councillor or everyone on council by email or phone and tell them you support Responsible Growth for Strathcona Country.  Copy and paste the attached email template or write your own.

e-mail Template

Madam Mayor and members of Council:

I strongly support the need for RESPONSIBLE growth in Strathcona County.

As a resident and taxpayer, both municipally and provincially, I urge you to make a decision on future urban growth only after a careful comparison of the fiscal, environmental and social impacts of the available options.

I encourage you to choose the option with the lowest fiscal impact on future municipal and provincial taxation and promotes sustainability.  I encourage you to RESPONSIBLY MANAGE OUR TAX DOLLARS AND SAVE OUR PRIME FARMLAND.

When the Bremner Growth Management Strategy Study is presented to council, only accept it “as information”, and immediately proceed to a Growth Management Strategy Study for Colchester.

Yours truly,


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I strongly support the views of RESPONSIBLE GROWTH FOR STRATHCONA.  All growth options must be considered.

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