Colchester Growth Management Strategy

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Imagine Colchester

Colchester Growth Management Strategy

“Your Council wants to make the most informed decisions we can about how, where and when to grow in Strathcona County, and to do this we need all the facts. There are economic, social, agricultural, environmental and political impacts. We want comprehensive and complete information to make the best decisions possible.” – Roxanne Carr, Mayor

Sherwood Park is the first urban community in Strathcona County. While it may seem like there is plenty of room for individuals and families looking to make a home in Sherwood Park, the reality is we are running out of space for new urban neighbourhoods. We need to ensure there is a place for people looking to call the County home in the next 10, 20, even 50 years. The time to plan for growth is now.

Two areas in the County, Bremner and Colchester, have been identified as potential sites for our next urban community. In September 2014 the Bremner Growth Management Strategy was accepted by Strathcona County Council as information. Although the document is complete, it was not endorsed by Council as Council requires more information before making a decision about where to grow.

Council has now directed Administration to commence a growth management strategy for the Colchester area.

Read More at Starthcona County Website.

2 Comments on “Colchester Growth Management Strategy”

  1. Re: Post by S. Johnson —
    Firstly let me point out that I own no property in Colchester and therefore write from a totally objective position. As a long term resident of Sherwood Park – ever since I studied the first two Consultant’s reports and listened to the Planning & Development Staff’s recommendation that Council vote to expand the boundaries of Sherwood Park South into the “Colchester” area I supported the concept as the most logical, least expensive and most ideal location for Sherwood Park and the County to grow.

    The location is a natural extension for the utilities and infrastructure of
    Sherwood Park and is close to existing services and facilities. Extension of The Park into that area would result in by far the least cost to County and Sherwood Park taxpayers. Furthermore since the largest number of residents already live in this area and travel daily to work or attend Post Secondary Intuitions in Edmonton it is the most convenient location, requires the least distance to travel and would be close to the Millwoods LRT extension. Future Consideration should be given to constructing a connecting County LRT line.

    The Topography of the area makes it ideal for progressive, one Sub-Division at a time, development as population growth dictates. This as opposed to sinking massive amounts of upfront taxes dollars- current estimates are around $2 Billion including the nine required overpasses – into developing a New community from scratch! It makes no economic sense.

    Furthermore it DOES MATTER, contrary to Ms. Johnson’s assertion, what type of soil is preserved to meet ever increasing demands for Agricultural products. Why would anyone pave over prime soils when lesser quality soil locations are available? It is an insane notion that our Municipal & Provincial Agricultural Departments would allow this to happen.

    As for the speculation that the City of Fort Saskatchewan will expand further south onto those Agricultural lands —- well that must be prevented for by the County & Provincial Governments for the same reasons that Bremner should not be considered.

    Finally, from my perspective the Community of Ardrossan, which is being neglected and the Wye Road Area leading to it would be a far more logical expansion area than Bremner. The fabulous, underutilized Recreation Facility and the need for additional commercial and residential development to serve the residents in that Community must surely take precedence over the costly pie in the Sky New Town of Bremner. How the million dollar Strategy development plan ever got approved for there in the first place does not speak well for the competency of the County Council of that day.

    Darrell Clarkson, Sherwood Park

  2. I whole heartedly agree with Darrell’s comments. I have been working with a group to try and get affordable housing for seniors (not subsidized) in Strathcona County with little success. We have many seniors in Brentwood, Sherwood Heights and Glen Allen areas who are independent and want to downsize their housing. They have no way to use their housing equity and replace their present housing with something smaller and less costly to maintain. Their older homes can then be available for young families in areas where schools are presently located.
    Finding appropriate land for affordable smaller senior housing is the first step and better management of what is in the county is the only way to achieve this.

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