This website is dedicated to promoting responsible urban growth (click for definition) within Strathcona County.  The Municipal Government Act (MGA) delegates local planning and development decision-making to municipalities.  However, it is the residents of Strathcona County, as tax payers and voters, who must hold Strathcona County council accountable for their decisions.

This website is produced and supported by a group of Strathcona County residents who want to see Strathcona County council act responsibly in any decisions regarding choices for possible future urban expansion sites. We believe council should be held accountable for wise management of our tax dollars and the preservation of prime agricultural land as well as the environmental and social impacts both now and in the future of these important growth decisions.  Contributors come from all regions of Strathcona County including agricultural areas north of Highway 16 and south of Wye Road, urban Sherwood Park, rural residential acreages and hamlets.

This group is not anti-growth and is not suggesting that Strathcona County should not grow.  Growth is going to happen, however the potential implications to Strathcona County property taxes, expenditures of provincial tax dollars, environmental impact and social consequences of major urban expansion are significant and must be undertaken responsibly.